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Patent Companion - How It Works: Unsupported Terms

Posted by The Innovation Team at Microsystems on Feb 17, 2016 9:00:00 AM

What is Unsupported Terms?

unsupported_termsHave you changed the terminology in the Claims section only to realize later that you had not changed the same term in the Specifications section? Or maybe you used a term in a claim that was not previously defined in the Specifications. Consistency is critical to making sure you have a solid patent with claims that have been previously introduced and defined in the Specifications section.  Reviewing your patent application to locate unsupported terms can be tedious and prone to errors. This is where Patent Companion helps.

Patent Companion’s Unsupported Terms searches your patent for terms and phrases in the Claims section, and locates the corresponding term or phrase in the Specifications section. Any terms that are not supported by the Specifications are provided to you as an unsupported term. For example, the phrase, “supplementary compression member” used in the claims, was not previously defined in the specifications, so it is provided to you to review.

Not only will this feature help you identify those phrases and terms that were not previously defined, but it also helps you identify those that were defined, but with a slightly different term. Whether the term is not in the Specifications, or is not identical to the term in the specifications, your patent could be rejected or challenged based on the use of unsupported terms.

Searching for Unsupported Terms

Analyzing your patent for unsupported terms is as simple as copy, paste, click.

  • Copy the contents of your patent application from your document, including both the Claims and Specifications sections.
  • Paste the contents into the Patent Companion application launch page.
  • Click the Analyze button to begin the process.

Patent Companion searches your patent text for potential issues in all categories at the same time. When presented with results, you can filter the display by clearing the remaining charms in the Show/Hide Results area of the product. As you navigate to each issue found, the Helper Bar at the top of the page tells you why the term is considered unsupported, and if there are similar terms found, it provides those as well. If available, suggested replacement terms are presented. 

 Patent Companion is available now! Learn more here.

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