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Patent Companion - How It Works: Limiting Language

Posted by The Innovation Team at Microsystems on Mar 16, 2016 9:00:00 AM

What is Limiting Language?

limiting_languageAre you using words that could limit the scope of your invention or that should be avoided? Limiting Language checks for words that may restrict the meaning of the patent, and thereby leave it open for interpretation and potential challenges. For example, words like conventional can be challenged… in 10 years, you can argue that what you meant by conventional when you created your patent is not true today, therefore a new invention does not infringe on your patent. Patent Companion finds those words in your patent application and flags them for you to review. And the beauty of the tool is that it searches for the words that you tell it to search for, all at once. You do not have to search for each word individually. With the click of a button, all designated limiting language words are flagged.

And it is completely customizable. Limiting language lists are saved by user account so each lawyer at the firm can manage a personal list.

Searching for Limiting Language Terms

Analyzing your patent application for Limiting Language is as simple as copy, paste, click.

  •          Begin by copying the contents of your patent application from your document. Include both the Claims and Specification sections.
  •          Paste the contents into the Patent Companion application launch page.
  •          Click the ANALYZE button to begin the analysis process.

By default, Patent Companion searches your patent text for all possible issues in the document. You can filter your results to only show Limiting Language items by clearing the remaining charms in the Show/Hide Results area of the product.

Patent Companion offers you choices for how you want to work through your Limiting Language issues. Depending upon how Limiting Language has been configured, each Limiting Language term you find may include a description, possible replacements for the word, and a link to further details.

Configuring your Limiting Language List

The Preferences button from within Patent Companion allows you to modify your Limiting Language list of words creating your own black list of custom words that you want to avoid in your patents. From this interface, you can add single words at a time or upload an entire table of words to search for.

Download an out-of-the-box list of Limiting Language terms that you can modify and add to meet your needs. Simply import the list back into Patent Companion when it is complete so that you can start running your Limiting Language analysis using your updated list.

Make sure you put your best word forward when writing your patent application. Choose the words that give you the strongest patent application possible. The Limiting Language feature in Microsystems Patent Companion is there to help.

Experience for yourself the game-changing capabilities of Patent Companion in your practice.  Sign up for a free trial today!



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